Thursday, January 26, 2006

Remember that you can vote for DotF Duel outcomes

I received a friendly but disgruntled e-mail yesterday, protesting the outcome of the TD-0013 vs. Starbuck duel (No spoilers here - at least not until I post the updated standings tomorrow).
After airing his grievances with the results, the e-mailer said,
"So…like the election of 2000, I’m appealing to the Supreme Court…and being struck down."
Great e-mail! Always feel free to send me any and all thoughts about completed and/or upcoming duels.
But - - I just want to remind everyone that unlike the 2000 election, your votes count! (That's another political joke. See previous post.) If you feel strongly about an upcoming duel, then go ahead and send an e-mail! I'm letting your votes outweigh my own natural inclinations to decide the DotF 2 battles. The TD-0013 vs. Starbuck duel outcome was decided by your votes. Thor vs. Ash is recorded already, but the Fates of the second round and finals are still undetermined. . .


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