Friday, January 20, 2006

Duel. Of. The Fates. Tournament Grid after week 2

Here are the updated standings:

So now the top-seeded Dr. Evil and the lowest remaining Gandalf are a lock to meet up in the second round. What will the other matchup be? TD-0013 vs. Ash or Thor? or Starbuck vs. Ash or Thor? Find out what happens in the next episode when the smartmouthed XY stormtrooper and his new iPod face off against the XX Starbuck. The duel is recorded and ready to launch.

Incidentally, I'm glad people have been such good sports about my Six Million Dollar Man cracks. As a character, he and his sound effects are unforgettable TV/SF/pop culture icons. But for me--that's as deeply as I connect to the character and the franchise. Sorry.

So who should win when Gandalf and Dr. Evil meet? E-mail me at this address, or at: duelofthefates aaaat gmail dot commmmmm. unless you're a spammer.


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