Thursday, January 12, 2006

Duel of the Fates round 1 Bonus Material

Spoiler-free, for those who have yet to listen to the Dr. Evil vs. Terminator battle.
Warning though -- I will post the official tourney tree tomorrow, Friday the 13th of January, which will display the winner. But hey, you can still enjoy these duels, even after you know the outcome, right?

I knew I wanted acronyms for the first battle's Rotating Category, but wasn't sure who the contestants would be, so I wrote some up for each of the likely/possible characters. Here are the bonus jokes:

Conan -- California Only Nominated Ahh-Nuld.
Highlander -- His Ignominious Gall Has Left A Nasty, Disastrous End Result (hmm, must be talking about those Highlander sequels.)
Gandalf -- God Awful Nasty Disastrous Animated Lousy Film. (sorry, Rankin-Bass)
Thor -- Tiny Hammer, Overcompensation Reasons.
TD-0013 -- These Droids - 0013.
Starbuck -- She’ll Try And Reinvent Benedict’s Unforgettable Cool Kid.
Ash -- Awesome Smartass Hero.
Six Million Dollar Man -- Since Its Xylophones Mix Into Little Leafy Invisible Onion Noodles, Don’t Order Light Lemon Artichoke Refreshments. Might Arrange Nicely. (makes perfect sense to me)

You can hear Dr. Evil's and Terminator's acronyms in the episode.


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