Friday, December 30, 2005

Final Top25 of the year

Here's how the Top25 Most Played in my iTunes Player looks to finish out the year:

1. Vanity Fair ~Mr. Bungle 42
2. fear regret and hope ~Jack Mangan 35
3. Myself Within Love ~jack mangan 34
4. One With the Stillness ~Jack Mangan 34
5. temple of earth and sea ~jack mangan 34
6. Is There Love In Space? ~Joe Satriani 30
7. Organ Donor ~DJ Shadow 27
8. Earth Time Pigs Fate ~Jack Mangan 27
9. Wine ~Jack Mangan 27
10. Saddam A Go-Go ~GWAR 25
11. Dad and Dog ~Fredo Viola 24
12. Black Circle Remix ~Jack Mangan 22
13. Dog Diary ~Jack Mangan 22
14. Did My Time ~KoRn 22
15. Rumble ~Link Wray & His Ray Men 21
16. Miss Misery ~Elliott Smith 20
17. Spirit Man ~Mango 20
18. playing with spiders-skullkrusher ~Overkill 20
19. Tears of Liquid Mercury ~Jack Mangan 19
20. Defender ~Manowar 19
21. The Enemy ~Anthrax 18
22. Slaughter of the Soul ~At the Gates 18
23. Waltz #2 (XO) ~Elliott Smith 18
24. Hallowed Be Thy Name ~Iron Maiden 18
25. Watch The Children Pray ~Metal Church 18

These three songs also had 18 plays:

Time Is Running Out ~Muse
West End Girls ~Pet Shop Boys
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~Roberta Flack

Note that there's nothing even remotely new in the list, except for the Muse song and my own personal mashups, which are techincally just fusions of old stuff all assembled together. Is this because I'm getting old and creaky? Possibly. I just find so much new music boring, boring, boring. There are some artists who are doing innovative and exciting things, but for the most part -- I've heard it all before.

OK - well happy new year, folks!!


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