Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Read up top. I'm not a highly political person, but I've made 2 political jokes so far in DotF 2, so I ought to set the record straight, lest any kee-JERK yahoos try to pigeon-hole me and my stance.
This won't be a pro-reactionary essay to satisfy cult-minded morons - this also isn't going to be some brave manifesto - just giving a general idea of where I'm at.

Republican vs. Democrat, Liberal vs. Conservative, Right-wing vs. Left-wing - - this kind of thinking is bullshit. All of those labels ought to describe tendencies at most, for any intelligent, thinking person. If you're starting at one of those places and using that as a framework to basically make your decisions on all issues for you, then you're a moron. Go join a cult. Double that if some big-mouthed talking head is feeding you those opinions.

I believe in intelligence, integrity, objectivity, diligence, dedication, honesty, and hard work. I believe that our elected government representatives should uphold the ideals of equality and freedom for all, and should legislate and govern with ONLY the best interests of the people in mind. These people should not be swayed by lobbyists, big-money contributors, or their own prejudices when making important decisions. Does our current government meet these standards? You tell me. . . (Actually -- don't).

So if you're upset by jokes about political parties, figures, or issues, or if you interpret a particular political stance in any of my fiction or non-fiction that bothers you, then that's your problem. I have never sought to promote or incite some political agenda through my work, and I never plan on doing so.


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