Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Spherical Tomi

So I've talked a lot about Tomi, and pointed you to countless related links across the net, but I've rarely delved into the nature of the story itself. The links I've presented offer a few different descriptions, but I should probably post something here, right? Probably something permanent, as well... but for now, in honor of its release at www.podiobooks.com: let's whet some appetites:
And just for fun, rather than cut-and-paste, I'll write up a fresh description right here:

Tomi was the top combat programmer in Shogun Ryogi's neo-Tokugawa Rebellion, an outlaw nation based out of the Greatship, Musashi. Her love, Nez, was the movement's top samurai. During a ship-to-ship battle with the Hades Iv Greatship, flagship of William Sterling the Black, President of planet Cerberus, Nez gained control of an itai, a combat clone body, inside the Hades IV. It would be the last thing he'd ever do. William Sterling discovered the enemy and hacked into his connection, sending deadly signals directly into Nez's cerebrum. But not before Nez had opened a bridge into the most isolated, secure, vital networks aboard the Hades IV. Stricken with grief and rage, Tomi used this bridge to destruct the Greatship. One hundred and five souls were lost in her vengeance, though William managed to escape with his life. The horrific action permanently discredited neo-Tokugawa, and sent Tomi into criminal exile...

Years later, with her true body hidden, Tomi lives on in a new life, existing incognito within an illegal itai. But sometimes buried grief can be the most dangerous... Sometimes the deepest sadness can paralyze... And sometimes, the past finds its way past all defenses, through all blockades, and into the present.

Some actions will not go unanswered.


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