Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not for Landlubbers

If that msn.com article you're reading just isn't stimulating it enough, then filter it through the 'talklikeapirate' engine to add some 4-months-at-sea, maggot-ridden bread-eatin'-toothless-scurvy pirate dialect to your web-reading!

Just prefix the following text before your desired URL in your browser, and walla! the engine goes to work inserting piratespeak into the article.


Hull finds new game has passed him by ahoy

The results are obviously machine-generated, but still pretty comical. I imagine if you used this on International Talk Like a Pirate day, your printer would go nuts spitting out mysterious crumpled papers marked with black spots.... (what's with all the pirate stuff lately?)

--- actually, this very blog is pretty funny when given the talklikeapirate treatment.


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