Thursday, October 27, 2005

Danger Larry Robinson, Danger!

Let's take a break from the Tomi propaganda to talk hockey:

When Scott Stevens retired, John Buccigross said, "this is the end of an era in New Jersey". I feared for the worst, especially when you compounded the injury with the added loss of Scott Niedermayer.

So far, not so good. Larry Robinson is a competent coach, and they still have a wealth of talent, but those are 2 irreplaceable future Hall-of-Famers that vanished from the lineup. I was really counting on seeing Nieder fill in some of the huge void created by Scott Stevens' retirement. The Devils are struggling, and I fear that it may be a long season (but not nearly long enough)

A lot of boneheads will say it's because the Devils can't handle the "new NHL", but wise ones know that their fall is a direct result of the loss of their captain, their heart and soul.

Help us Larry Robinson. You're our only hope.


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