Monday, September 19, 2005

A Mention on Alien Ethos podcast

Kade Hutchinson from the Alien Ethos podcast was in the audience for my "Duel of the Fates: Battle Royale" panel at CopperCon (the guy in the kilt). Not only did he provide a lot of good feedback for the Battle, but he also discusses the experience on the second episode of their show. It was cool to hear that his partner Kevin L. Pratt, was familiar with Duel of the Fates shows from "Wingin' It!". Thanks for the mention, guys!

They're doing some interesting stuff on that show. Sounds very professional, and they're both pretty bright guys. They're plumbing a bit deeper into the material than most other shows, but still having fun.
As is becoming increasingly evident, I don't follow many (any) TV series, so I couldn't follow much of their BS:G discussion -- but I can still appreciate the themes. Recommended listening!


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