Monday, August 29, 2005

My iTunes Top 25 for 8/29

1. Vanity Fair Mr. Bungle 36
2. New Solid Jack Mangan 27
3. Wine Jack Mangan 25
4. Is There Love In Space? Joe Satriani 24
5. Organ Donor DJ Shadow 23
6. Dad and Dog Fredo Viola 22
7. temple of earth and sea jack mangan 22
8. Saddam A Go-Go GWAR 21
9. Black Circle Jack Mangan 20
10. Did My Time KoRn 19
11. fear regret and hope Jack Mangan 18
13. Slaughter of the Soul At the Gates 17
14. Waltz #2 (XO) Elliott Smith 17
15. Jack Mangan - Tears of Liquid Mercury Jack Mangan 17
16. Spirit Man Mango 17
17. Nuthin But a G Thang Dr. Dre 16
18. Eric B and Rakim - Microphone Fiend Eric B & Rakim 16
19. Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden 16
20. Mountain Song Joe Satriani 16
21. Head Out To The Highway Judas Priest 16
22. Asteroid Speed Highway Matt Mango 16
23. Red Right Hand Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 16
24. Fight the Power Public Enemy 16
25. U Can't Hold No Groove Victor Wooten 16


"New Solid" (#2), "temple of earth and sea" (#7), "Black Circle" (#9), and "fear regret and hope" (#11), along with another tune called "Earth Pigs Times Fate" (not on this list) are the results of a recent obsession of mine. I took bits from all kinds of songs in my library and fastened them together into entirely new compositions. There were a few self-imposed rules to my creative process:
1. The new songs could not resemble their parent tunes in any close way.
2. I couldn't record anything new for the tunes.
3. I had to build each beat from scratch, one note at a time.
4. I had to exclusively use Audacity.
I'm proud of the 5 resultant songs, but -- I don't know how I can release them without violating any copyright laws. Don't want to get sued over a little hobby. I've actually given up on this Frankenstein-composing for a little while, because as rewarding and fun as it was to make those 5 tunes, it was a big distraction from podiobook recording and writing, which need to be my two primary (creative) focuses.
"Wine"(#3) and "Tears of Liquid Mercury"(#15) are instrumental solo guitar compositions of mine -- they're not available anywhere, but I DO have rights to them. Same for "Spirit Man"(#16) and "Asteroid Speed Highway"(#22), both of which I did with my old band. "Asteroid" happens to be the opening theme music for Duel of the Fates.
I'm not that narcissistic; I just like the songs.
The song, "I Am A Viking", by Yngwie Malmsteen, was also tied for 17th place with 16 plays, but got screwed out of the Top 25 because the guy's name starts with a "Y".


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