Sunday, August 14, 2005

Get Spherical!

So what is “Spherical Tomi” about anyway? Glad you asked. . .

Can one woman escape her past?

Not if she is one of the greatest combat programmers in history.

Caught between two powerful warlords in the far future, and trapped by the memory of the man she couldn't save, Tomi must face the ghosts from her own past, and hide from a world that counts her among its most heinous criminals. Add to this challenge her rapidly deteriorating cloned body, falling apart just in time to meet a new invasion from an old friend, but not quite time enough to replace, and you have the makings of an all around bad day...
“Spherical Tomi” is an action-packed tale of revenge and redemption, touching upon identity, Artificial Intelligence, and the nature of reality.

“Star Wars is over. Star Trek is dead. In Spherical Tomi, Jack Mangan has opened up a new frontier.”

– Ernest Hogan, author of Smoking Mirror Blues.

It's also about 46000 words long.

Get Spherical!


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