Thursday, August 18, 2005

After Duel of the Fates and the Tomi offer

Wow, the feedback has been great! And there has been a good response to my offer of Spherical Tomi for free - - just send me an e-mail at duelofthefates @ gmail . com and I'll send you a free copy. It is a limited time offer, but no it's not too late yet for you; go ahead and drop me a line. I'll send you a copy.
The time-honored frat-party mantra doesn't quite apply here, ("What's the best kind of beer? Free beer!!")... because a free book ISN'T the best kind of book. A lousy book sucks, whether it's free or $26.95. So, I hope everyone enjoys "Spherical Tomi". I worked hard to make sure it doesn't suck...
If you do hate it though - then just repeat to yourself, "What's the best kind of book?..."

Thanks thanks thanks everyone for the positive comments!


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