Monday, September 12, 2005

Thus Endeth CopperCon

I went, I saw, I did a few panels...
It was cool as always to see the core Dragon Pagers there (Mike, Evo, Summer, and Joe).

Cool people I met (and remember their names): Mike D'Ambrosia, Tee Morris, Michael Stackpole, Catherine Cook, Greg Keyes.
Cool people I was glad to see again: Ernest and Emily Hogan, Paul Tanton.

The highlight of the Con for me was the Live Duel of the Fates panel. Not a big turnout, but enough to get some great, fun results. Dr. Frank N Furter beat out Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in the tie-breaker to win the whole thing. Tee Morris set up an audio recording device, but I was pacing, so it may not have recorded all that well... Thanks to Tee for that, and also for absorbing some good-natured, entirely unfair jokes about his favorite TV series. Also thanks to the audience who did show up (the wives, the drunk girl, the two Serenity fans, that guy in the kilt -- he had some great feedback. I'd have listed him above if I could remember his name.)

And incidentally -- I've never met Derek from Skepticality, but I've listened to some of their shows. His name was mentioned quite a few times at CopperCon... My hope, support, and best wishes go out to him and his loved ones.


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