Monday, May 23, 2005

Mojave 3: Ask Me Tomorrow

I discovered Mojave 3's "Ask Me Tomorrow" album while a DJ at my college radio station. It was in the 'suggested play' bin; I picked the track, "Tomorrow's Taken" at random and announced on the air that I was about to play something I'd never heard, and that would probably suck (oh aren't college DJ's so daring and cool). Five minutes later, I was on the air again retracting that prediction, humbled and deeply moved. It became a regular play during my weekly, 2-hour show.
The song is a mellow, heart-rending lament of lost love... It blew me away... such emotion, such depth, such melancholy, such a haunting long instrumental outro. I eventually picked up the "Ask Me Tomorrow" CD; while "Tomorrow's Taken" is my favorite track, the rest of the CD overflows with understated brilliance. At no point does the music ever get up and 'rock', but the sleepy, quiet sound of the album is beautiful, never boring.
I never picked up any of their other CDs (I'm funny like that), never heard much beyond that first album, and what I did hear was disappointing. I understand that Rachel Goswell does little-to-no vocals on the latter material, and also that it's more upbeat. The mellow sadness and the soft feminine vocals are a large part of the appeal of the first CD, so if those accounts are true, then I'm reluctant to check out the other albums. Unless compelled otherwise, I'll stick with "Ask Me Tomorrow".


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