Friday, May 20, 2005

In case you couldn't find any written commentary on that new Star Wars movie....

I'm not going to go into a long rant about Revenge of the Sith. Throw a rock on the net and you'll hit three of them... (I will give it a strong, enthusiastic thumbs up though).

Here's my only comment:
One of the plot points that bugged me most from The Phantom Menace was Shmi Skywalker's claim that Anakin had no father. It had turned out her slave gear wasn't just making her look fat, she'd somehow been struck by an immaculate conception. That had always felt like a cop-out, like Lucas just didn't want to have to explain Anakin Sr., so he just wrote around that inconvenience. Until now.
In Revenge of the Sith's most wonderfully understated, Godfather-esque scene, Palpatine reveals new information which further explains Anakin's conception, along with a few other mysteries of the Force.

One other thing: I'm shocked at the negative critical reactions for ROTS. Any critic who fails to find ROTS thrilling, instead picking finicky gripes about "wooden dialogue, disjointed story, etc.", has completey allowed their cynicism to corrupt their judgment - - they've gone over to the Dark Side.
OK - gotta run - - I have a bubble concert to get to...


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