Monday, May 16, 2005

The Dragon Page

I tend to despise talk radio shows. Obnoxious, unfunny twits trying to imitate Howard Stern and failing miserably. Stern is sometimes funny and Al Franken is smart, but for me, the talk just gets old quickly. I had AM sports stations set into my radio presets back in NJ, and have done the same here in the Phoenix metro area, but still get bored quickly when the talk turns from hockey and NFL football.
In spite of my distaste for talk radio shows, I've become hooked on the podcast releases of The Dragon Page. I met these guys at the LepreCon Convention, and downloaded a couple of the recent shows. Michael, Evo, Joe, Summer, and the team do a really smart, really entertaining series of radio shows covering all things Sci-Fi. The Geek Fu and Differn't Point of View (from Stormtrooper TD0013) segments are also witty and entertaining. Download some of the shows and be informed and entertained. It's easy to get lost perusing their website too.

I gave them a copy of Amityville House Of Pancakes to review, so hopefully they'll rate it highly and I won't have to rescind my endorsement. ;)


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