Monday, May 09, 2005

How Was LepreCon? Part 1

LepreCon 31 was a success! It was a really great time, and I felt like all of my panels went well. I must give props to all the cool people I met and/or paneled with:

~ The guys at the Dragon Page radio show: I only met Evo, Summer, and Joe - but they were really cool people. Evo Terra was on two of my panels, and was always quick with insightful comments and questions. Their Dragon Page radio show is now available via Podcast - and will soon be on XM Satellite radio.
~ Kevin A. Murphy (smart, opinionated, funny guy - on all 3 of my panels), Tabitha Bradley, Janeen O'Kerry, Ken St. Andre, and Jan Howard Finder (aka the Wombat) - all of them (except the Wombat) refer to themselves as writers. All of them (including the Wombat) impressed me at some point - and I'd certainly be curious now to check out their stuff.
~ Dave Dorman, who's a big-time Comic Book and book-cover artist.
~ --- ------ for (I'm almost positive his name was Tom Sanders, but I can't be 100% sure - 10000 apologies). Nonetheless, he was a really cool, nice guy - and the show they're doing at the Dark Commandos website is really impressive.
~ Kevin J. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta. I'll talk more about meeting them in How Was LepreCon? Part 2. I gave him an autographed copy of AHOP -- I hope he likes it.
~ The panel audiences! You guys rocked. I don't know any names, but - the IT/networking guy with the Heartbreaker t-shirt, his friend, the a Stephenson fan, the guy with the towel and bathrobe, a la Arthur Dent, his girlfriend(?) who asked the question about a technological end of the world (to which I gave entirely the wrong answer), and the older gentleman, who also stayed up late for the Worst Future Imaginable panel.

Finally: Paul Tanton and staff - great job! Paul was running the whole thing, but yet was still very approachable and willing to answer questions and help out.
It was a blast.


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