Sunday, April 24, 2005

State of the Blog.

OK, a quick reiteration of the definition of this blog... (this is actually going to be a semi-frivolous post decrying frivolous blog-posting).

When you're done wasting this minute of your life reading this post - click that "NEXT BLOG" button up in the top right and waste another few minutes. Channel surf through a few, if you feel up to it. You'll find: shady-business blogs (with titles like "betting races viagra vioxx cialis weight loss"), diary blogs ("today i went into circle k for a 99 cent hot dog and why don't they make sauerkraut in little packets like ketchup and mayo? and this old lady called me a growing young man but i'm 31, how many more times will i be called a young man by a stranger? and..."), utterly pointless blogs (wanna give a shoutout to all my p33ps at da Basement! Ho11a Sluggo, Murph, Grump, Shotgun Bob - c ya all at Dunkins lates!!!), empty political rantings, ("The goddamned liberals/Bush administration are ruining this country!"), and long sequences of posts of the blogger and his/her friends mugging for their digital camera. After about 30 of these, you may find someone with something interesting to say, but at that point, your brain is already jellified.

So - I bear all of that in mind when I decide what to post here, and try not to fall into any of those pitfalls.

The point of this blog:
I'm a writer, not a blogger (dammit, Jim). I post to generate interest in my work - and also in the occasional book, song, artist, movie, etc. that I thinks needs my public declaration of respect. If I had no writing career to promote (shaddap wiseasses), these posts wouldn't then be full of useless rambles or rants ---- no, this blog just wouldn't exist.

However, it does exist, and I hope you're entertained and/or inspired by your visit here. I especially hope it leads you to read my stuff - or at least to check out my recommendations.

A final bit of news - I didn't know until 2 days ago that only Blogger members could add comments to the posts here. I've since rectified this - all are welcome and enabled now to give feedback.


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