Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails

OK, I promised I wasn't going to fill this space with "isn't this cool?" links. But - look what Trent Reznor is doing with his latest single: http://www.tuaw.com/2005/04/15/trent-reznor-rules/

Isn't this cool???

I've felt for some time now that the art of the future will require a certain level of audience interaction. Trent Reznor proves again and again to be one of the most important artistic innovators of our time.

I'd already decided that my next computer would be a Mac, just because of the GarageBand app. This only helps to strengthen my decision.

As for NIN - I didn't find "The Fragile" double-album to be the total change-of-direction that he'd promised, and I thought he spent too much effort on cool studio tricks, as opposed to composing the brilliant, raw songs that are all over his previous album releases, but I still liked it. The instrumental track, "La Mer", justified the whole album's existence. I haven't heard a single note yet of his new CD, but if he's reintroduced his brilliant songwriting skills into his levels of genius, then it's sure to be a classic.


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