Friday, April 08, 2005


Pinot, anyone?

I've finally figured out the subject of the Prince song, "Sexy Motherfucker"; it's Paul Giamatti.

How about this guy? He's pretty good at this acting thing, eh?

Critics love him, but he doesn't get a lot of public respect. I suspect it's because he plays a lot of vulnerable, fragile, sensitive roles - like Miles. I think if he played a badass Michael Corleone-type role, people would really embrace him and put him in the same category as Pacino and De Niro, where he belongs.
So what do you think, Giamatti? Hook up with Scorcese or Tarantino and play a tough-as-nails mob boss, or maybe a loose cannon hitman. Or how about The Mole Man in Fantastic Four 2?


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