Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I first heard "Rumble" by Link Wray & His Ray Men in my dad's Firebird, sometime about age 12. I was already in my "metal-only" phase and suffering through an oldies marathon when this song suddenly came on the radio. He knew it right away and was ecstatic to hear it again... "Now that's playin'!" he said during the fast guitar lead.
I sat there with my long curly hair and heavy metal t-shirt, utterly blown away. Here was a song, recorded in 1958, that sounded as moody, as doomy, as heavy as anything from Dio, Iron Maiden or AC/DC. This song is years ahead of its time. Two minutes twenty-four seconds of cool....
I'd considered "Rumble" for our grand announced entrance at our wedding reception, but went with the ceremonial theme from the end of Star Wars: A New Hope instead (hey, I knew a guy who'd had Darth Vader's Theme playing while the wedding party held plastic lightsabers. Nothing wrong with Star Wars in your wedding reception). "Rumble" ended up as the garter ritual portion of our reception - it worked perfectly. OK, enough of my ramble on "Rumble". Go buy an oldies compilation CD and get ahold of this track.


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