Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How Was LepreCon? Part 2

More thoughts on LepreCon 31:

As promised, more about the Author Guest of honor, Kevin J. Anderson, and his wife, Rebecca Moesta.

I sat on their panel on professional writing. This guy takes a lot of abuse in the Amazon.com customer section - but you know what?-- he really knows his stuff. Rebecca Moesta too. I was impressed. If they ever come out with a book on the craft and business of writing, it will be an essential for all wannabe-and-established writers. Full disclosure: never read any of their stuff myself (had planned to eventually read his Captain Nemo book), but I will now. My wife won an autographed copy of his book, Hidden Empire, so I definitely plan to read that. Another thing to consider - as a general rule, if an author is getting that much flack on Amazon.com, then they must be doing something right.
A quick note to Kevin J Anderson:
I told you that I'd been a finalist for the L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest, but upon further recollection, I realized was actually a quarterfinalist.

KJA said that finalist meant "top ten"; I wonder what "quarterfinalist" means...

Anyway - the Dune Sea Garrison also needs to be recognized for their fantastic replica Star Wars props and costumes. The Stormtrooper uniforms, lightsabers, guns, thermal detonators, etc. all look like they could have been pilfered right from Skywalker Ranch. And the Darth Maul guy looked perfect enough to completely freak out my son.


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