Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Yeah, I elected to drop in at the Draco Vista studio again this weekend to hang out with the Dragon Page boys - - and Summer. I was more observer than participant this week, but it was still a good time, as always. Got to meet Charlie the Beer Guy. My official excuse for my overguestage was, of course, the 2nd round DotF2 battle between Ash and TD-0013, to determine who reaches the Final round against Dr. Evil.

I will be there again next weekend for the DotF 2 Final battle. It's gotten to the point now, where if the DP guys were vowels, I'd be the letter "Y".

Oh -- and here's my delayed response to Evo's boardgame question, since I drew a blank in studio: Scorched Earth (the old DOS PC game - - you sit and wait forever for your opponents to take their turns - - that qualifies as a board game). There were also a bunch of Harry Potter-based boardgames we used to play more often.... Not to mention Trouble (the one with the d6 pop-bubble in the middle).


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