Monday, March 20, 2006

How was ICE Escape?

Fantastic! My hat is off to Mary Erickson and her team; they put together a really great event.

I had the pleasure and good fortune of speaking to Ginjer Buchanan. She's the Senior Executive Editor of Penguin Putnam's Ace Science Fiction & Fantasy division. I view our 10-minute-or-so conversation as a major event in my writing career. Whenever you meet a powerful name in the industry, whether they be a writer, editor, or agent, you can only hope that they'll be friendly and professional. Ginjer Buchanan way exceeded my expectations in both regards.

I also met a number of intriguing authors and editors this weekend (Ravyn Crescent, 19-year-old YA author --- I could never, ever, ever have written a novel at 19. Brian Hades of Edge books.), and also enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with my Dragon Page friends.

And of course - - I also must give a shout-out to Tee Morris! We traded interviews for our podcasts, and just had a great time just cold-chillin' and taking in the Conference.


Blogger JRMurdock said...

speaking of the podcast....

you tease...

3/21/2006 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Ravyn Crescent said...

Hey! ^_^

A friend googled my name and found your blog! I'm so impressed you remembered me from Ice Escape!
It was so kind of you to mention me!
I just got the first chapter of my Manga finished and up for sale Allyson Amador, the artist, is looking to do more, as I told her there was some interest shown for it at Ice Escape.
Link to it is here:
Wanted to mention it, as I remember there was interest in having a book made into a Manga ^_^ Mine is just proof it can be done! OH! And you can contact Ally here: and her deviantart site is here:
I'm chatty because I was excited ^_^ Very sorry, I like your blog, though, it's cool looking!

4/07/2006 10:41 PM  

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