Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Back! (sort of)

A new exhibition Duel of the Fates match can be heard on this week's Dragon Page Wingin' It! show! I was also in studio to play with the boys and girl; it ended up going an hour and thirty minutes(!), but a good time was had all around. I'm looking forward to listening, since I missed the Mur Lafferty segment. I did hear The Dark Crazy's "Frank's Surprise" skit, which is damn funny.

Check it out! Have a listen. I guarantee you'll laugh at least five times during the 90 minutes.

On-air, I made mention of character votes and stuff; I'll post here again soon to elaborate further on your role in Duel of the Fates, season 2.

Addendum: Apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba! My first thought was "The Jets were in the Smythe Division with the Vancouver Canucks - - in British Columbia." (I suppose I should have thought Alberta for Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames)

Winnipeg is in Manitoba.


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