Friday, June 24, 2005

Duel of the Fates Tournament - Updated

It's Friday, so this must be the updated DOTF tournament tree.
Note - the 2nd round opponents will be determined by first-round seeding. So although Tomi and Spider-Man are in neighboring brackets, it's impossible for her to face him in round 2 if he wins. Of course, if he loses to HP, then it would be REALLY impossible for the two to meet. If Harry Potter beats Spider-Man, however, then that would guarantee a Tomi vs. Harry duel in round 2, since Tomi would be the highest-seeded remaining player (1st), while Harry would be the lowest-seeded player left (7th). It's all so exciting! Tune in to Wingin' It! next week to see who wins in the duel of Parker vs. Potter.


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