Thursday, June 16, 2005

Duel of the Fates Tournament Tree

There's the official tournament tree (click the image to see a readable size)

Matches will proceed as noted; then the second round matchups will be determined based on the four remaining contestants' first-round seeding. It will be highest-ranked vs. lowest-ranked, in accordance with typical playoff structures.

Thanks to everyone who voted! A lot of good suggestions didn't make the cut. At the last minute, I replaced Number 6 from The Prisoner with Godzilla. I think Number 6 would be cantankerous and fun in DotF, but I just felt that the tourney needed a little more diversity. Nothing says diversity like a daikaiju.

Also, for those who were paying attention, you'll notice I made one other last-minute switch, replacing William the Black (from Spherical Tomi) with Tomi herself at the number 1 seed.


Anonymous Adrienne said...

Godzilla SO needed to be there. I hope he behaves himself.

6/17/2005 11:30 AM  

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