Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mr. Man...fred... jen... sen... den.

The central message of Buddhism is not "Every Man For Himself".

John Cleese is probably the funniest human being ever to walk the earth... and "A Fish Called Wanda" is his best work. I love his Monty Python stuff - I love Fawlty Towers - I even own the VHS tape of Fierce Creatures... but - A Fish Called Wanda rates above them all.
With inspired performances from the entire cast (Kevin Kline's Otto is one of the most memorable film characters of all time), one of the cleverest screenplays ever written, and layers upon layers of witty comedy, this is a movie that benefits from - no, requires - multiple viewings for full appreciation of its subtleties and cleverness. (Note during the closing credits that the actor who played George Thomason was Thomas Georgeson.)

Wake up, limey fish!


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