Thursday, March 17, 2005

Definition of a Blog


I've begun this blog for a few purposes. In this space, I will:
  • promote my published works.
  • give my legions of fans a place where they can learn of my upcoming events, appearances, publications, etc.
  • create awareness of artwork and significant movements across all mediums that I think deserve your attention; i.e., I'll write a paragraph or two - no college papers - on the merits of the piece and why its worth your attention.

I will NOT use this space to:

  • spill half-baked philosophical ideas as they occur to me
  • link you to other amusing sites and online articles (unless it's a work of art of merit). There are other sites and blogs that already do this very well (, [Bruce Sterling's Blog], to name very few - - - oh no, I've just linked you to other amusing sites!)
  • bash poor pieces of art in any medium (unless I REALLY feel moved by the crappy art)
  • rant about politics (unless I REALLY feel like there's something that needs to be addressed)
  • Get into IMDB-message-board-type debates with trolls, idiots, fanatics, opinionated people. etc. about the artworks I mention here. If you disagree that strongly, start your own blog and spout your opinions there.
  • be anal retentive about grammar and typos; I'll save that kind of effort for my "real" writing. I'm real sorry in advance if that kind of thing botherrs u.

Now - as this blog and I get to know each other better, the rules may waver and change - but for now - I think this is a pretty accurate forecast. Enjoy! I look forward to sharing some good stuff with you.

Oh yeah - Happy St. Patrick's Day


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