Monday, November 07, 2005

More about that Photon Article in IROSF

An old Photon comrade contacted me recently about
"Supremacy: A Laser Tag Memoir", so it seemes like
the story is starting to make its rounds through what
remains of the old subculture.
It really is an underground brotherhood, based mostly
on nostalgia,
(not excluding the female players;
the guys just made up the overwheliming majority of
but it appears there are others out there
who still feel the way I do - and the way I did.
I replied to that e-mail with the following comment,
and upon reading, felt that it was relevant enough to
reprint here:

I've seen quite a few "You're on a smoky planet with a
gun, and suddenly someone jumps out at you!" articles
about Photon, but I think for us regulars, that Sci-Fi
aspect was forgotten after day 1, and from then on it
was all about the game and the community. I really
wanted to convey that in the article.

If you haven't yet read the article, then click the link above,
or check it out here.
Here are some other good Photon links, including:
the documentary video from the (brother of the) guy who
contacted me.
And this page where you can get all of the
Photon music and sound FX.
Or this page, which seems to be a community of old players.
I just signed up today, so I haven't been in yet to look around.


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