Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bruce Campbell

So I met Bruce Campbell last night.

It wasn't exactly rubbing shoulders with one of my peers; I waited on line for 2 hours with the rest of the fanboys for him to sign my copy of "Make Love: The Bruce Campbell Way", after driving for 2 hours to try to find the place (it should only have taken 25 minutes. Don't ask.)
After lousy sleep the previous night, a full day of work, a gruesome ride through traffic, 111-degrees, no AC in the almost-overheated car, searching for the Harkins Theater near ASU in Tempe, and then waiting for 2 hours for my number to be called, I was pretty damn dazed and fatigued when it was finally my turn. I must have looked as tired as a Deadite; he said, "Are you gonna make it?" (jokingly) as I apporoached.
"I'm hanging in there."
Anyway, the guy had been signing autographs for as long as I'd been trying to get to his table, and he was still polite and conversational with every person who approached, even the sleepy-looking long-haired guy - - and he still had the movie screening to do afterwords.
But - he now has a copy of Amityville House of Pancakes, vol. 1! woo hoo.
Bruce, I hope you enjoy it.


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